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Glorificana Publishing Services

Are you a self-publishing author? Are you frustrated at having to do all your own layout? Are you never really happy with the results? If you would like to off-load your layout and get more professional results then we are for you.

We are dedicated to improving the life of self-publishing authors by helping to share the workload and bring you advanced publishing tools, leaving you more time to write great content.

Layout and Formatting

Our automated layout and formatting systems free you from the chore of having to design the layout of your book yourself. All you need to do is provide the text, and let us do the rest for you. With just one click you can instantly see how your book will look with different styles and designs - from classical paperback novels to technical reference manuals. It's all just one click away.

Proofreading and Editing

Need someone to spot the errors that you miss? Want someone that can suggest tweaks and minor adjustments to phrasing? Look no further. Our team of proofreaders can check your book over for problems and suggest improvements where necessary.

What We Do

First, we are not printers, and we don't work directly with printers. Neither are we distributors. We are here solely to work with self-publishing authors to help them achieve the results they deserve.

We take your finished work and feed it through our advanced scripts and programs to turn it into a professionally formatted book. That process will produce a high resolution PDF which you can then pass on to your printing service of choice.

We can also export your newly formatted book in other useful formats, such as ePUB.

How We Do It

Before the advent of desktop publishing on personal computers typesetting was all done either manually with glue and scissors, or programatically with advanced scripting software. This scripting software forcibly kept the separation between content and layout which desktop publishing has all but eradicated.

We aim to bring back that separation with our systems, which are based on those tried and tested systems of old.

You provide the content, and our software provides the layout. Marry the two together and you get stunning results with almost no effort.

Our extensive expertise also allows us to impose specific style guidelines that are expected in printed works, but so often unknown or overlooked by people not versed in the workings of the publishing industry. Guidelines you don't now need to even begin to consider.

How Much Does It Cost?

We provide this service for a flat fee of £99.00 for producing each book. This is not charged until you are completely happy with your book and wish to download the final PDF version.

Of course, we are acutely aware that there is always that “oops” moment when you realise there is a mistake. That is why every purchase comes with two free credits which allow you to edit and re-download your book two more times without any extra charges.

So if you would rather be writing than designing: telling a story rather than laying out a book, then why not give us a try.