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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Aside from literary and linguistic answers, to create a book on this system you must first register. You will then have access to a controls menu in the form of a drop-down attached to your username in the top bar of the website.

    Within this menu you can access the “Books” entry which will take you to a list of books you have created. From there you can select “New Book” button and fill out the form that is presented.

  • Absolutely. First create a new book and fill in the title and other details. Then when presented with the book editor page click the book title dropdown menu and select “Upload Docx$rdquo; and follow the on-screen prompts. Your book will then be parsed and converted and, if it is formatted correctly, will be broken down into chapters and properly formatted.

  • There is very little formatting needed since mostly we are just interested in the text. The majority of formatting is discarded. There are a couple of important points though:

    1. Chapter titles must be set in the “Heading1” style.
    2. Italics are preserved but bold and font sizes are discarded.
    3. Anything before the first chapter heading is discarded.
  • At the moment pictures in books are not supported. There are plans to maybe support that in the future, but the current system is not capable of handling pictures.

  • Not at the moment, but that feature is planned for the future. For now you can contact us to discuss your font needs and we'll see what we can do for you.

  • No. Every book design purchase comes with two free credits for purchases of the same book. This allows you to make changes and buy the book two more times without any further charges.

  • That is quite simple. You can define your biography and social media links within the “Biography” menu entry. This will automatically be added to the start of your book as “About The Author”. There is also a “Bibliography” menu entry where you can list other books that you have written. This can be added optionally to the end of your book (there is a checkbox in the book editor to turn it on or off). If you list ISBNs these will be included in the PDF version of your book. If you list URLs these will be used to create links in the ePub version of your book.

  • Some blank pages are to be expected. It is the accepted norm to always start any chapter on the “recto” or right-hand page. If the previous chapter ends on a recto pagethen a blank page will be inserted automatically so that the next chapter starts on a recto page.

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